The Last of Us is shaping up to be an amazing title—one of the best of 2013, perhaps. The upcoming game also focuses a lot more on survival horror than you would think. While it has been known for a while that there would be infected people in the game, not many expected it to be quite so focused on fear. According to Greg Miller of IGN, a big part of the experience of The Last of Us is the sound, which really stands out.

“After actually playing The Last of Us,
it’s not the beautiful graphics, the brutal violence, or the 
approachable crafting system that stands out to me. It’s the sound. The 
Last of Us isn’t Uncharted, with its happy score wafting over every 
moment of gameplay. It’s a slow, suspenseful crawl through a world that 
can kill you at any moment. As such, it’s quiet – eerily quiet. You have
time to listen to the rain pitter patter on windows and each breath of 
the infected you’re creeping up on to shiv in the neck.” — Greg Miller, IGN


to the sounds is very crucial in this game. We know two types of
infected in this game so far: Runners, and Clickers. The fungus begins
with infecting the eyes. The Runners are the beginning stages of the
infection. As Dale North from Destructoid describes, the Runner stage
from the infection is “like a very bad cold, except the symptoms include
insanity and cravings for human flesh.” What makes it worse, is the
fact that they are still intelligent, and are able to work in packs. And
they are called Runners for a reason. They run, fast.

the infection gets worse, the fungus will grow from the eyes, making
the infected practically blind. Unfortunately, they make up for it with
incredibly improved hearing. These infected are called Clickers. They
sense their surroundings with echo location. They are called Clickers
because they make clicking sounds, which bounce of their surroundings
and let them see where you are. This means that whenever you hear one
coming, you should immediately hide behind something so they can’t
detect you.

Joel, the main character also has a certain sense,
called Listen Mode, (think Daredevil)  where he can hear the sounds the
infected make. He can “see” the infected through the walls. This is a
very useful ability, because it helps you create a strategy to take out
the infected. If you don’t have a strategy, it will not be easy to

The game will also include a crafting system where you
can craft new items with everything you find in your environment. And
you are going to need it. If you’re injured, and you got a rag and
alcohol, you could craft a health kit. When you apply it to yourself, it
takes some time to wrap the rag on your arm, so it’s not like this
particular health kit will be very useful in battle. You have to take your time and get yourself to safety to help yourself.

who have played this new demo have been very satisfied so far. The
sound effects are generally very well received. They add to the
experience, in ways that haven’t been done before. It’s generally very
quiet, but when you hear a sound, it means bad things are coming. Ammo
is very scarce, and you have to use the crafting system to survive. This
seems to be a step in the right direction. Resident Evil should take notes.

Are you excited for this title? I certainly am. Sound off in the comments.

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