Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and for Nintendo 3DS are getting new characters as DLC somewhat routinely. We’ve already had four additions to the roster since the games were launched, and with the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, more are sure to come. It looks for now like there are three more characters planned, according to empty space in the latest software update.

A data miner by the name of ShinyQuagsire has uncovered some of the files from the latest update that indicate at least three more characters are planned to join
Smash, alongside at least two more DLC stages.

The files include three files labeled “aFig_50_mario+7,” which act as placeholders for unannounced DLC characters, as well as six files labeled “Tikibuzz,” which act as placeholders for unannounced stages as pairs of two—one for the standard stage and one for its Omega form. We’re currently unsure, however, whether the Pirate Ship stage, which returned from
Brawl in Wednesday’s update, takes up one of those three stage slots.

This doesn’t necessarily mean only three more characters and two more stages are coming for
Super Smash Bros. For now, we can say for sure that three new characters are planned, and it’s a safe assumption to say they’re coming relatively soon. Any further DLC beyond that isn’t deconfirmed, but simply unknown.

Source: ShinyQuagsire

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