Nintendo executives and investors are currently engaged in the 76th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and attendees just finished watching a presentation on Nintendo’s numbers from the past year and plans for the future. On the topic of Wii U, President Kimishima told shareholders (via a pre-recorded message) that Wii U will “continue to fight on,” but that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the only Nintendo game planned to launch on the console in 2017.

With the launch of the mysterious NX just around the corner, we knew Wii U’s life would likely be cut short, but it looks like Nintendo will likely be completely finished with the platform by next March. Nintendo has previously indicated that they
only expect Wii U to sell 800,000 copies this year, and that customers should buy a Wii U “while they can,” as production will be shifting to NX.

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