A few months ago, we learned that Nintendo was planning to sell off its majority share of the Seattle Mariners baseball team, which they have owned and been in charge of for 24 years. While the decision to do this was made back in April, the process of selling the team has been an ongoing process, with the MLB hosting a vote last night to determine if the sale would be allowed. Approval was given, and so the sale has now been finalized.

Nintendo will continue to hold 10% of the Mariners’ stock, but their majority share is now being sold off to other members of First Avenue Entertainment LLLP, the group of corporations that collectively owns the team. Chairman and CEO Howard Lincoln has also stepped down from his positions, with John Stanton replacing him. Lincoln will continue to be involved with the team, however, as he will retain a spot on First Avenue Entertainment’s board of directors.

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Source: Nintendo Everything

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