The existence of the Mythical Pokémon Volcanion was leaked years ago, and The Pokémon Company finally officially unveiled it with a trailer late last year. Japanese gamers were treated to a free Volcanion if they saw the latest Pokémon movie in theaters, and North American and European gamers will soon be able to acquire the powerful Pokémon as well.

The Pokémon Company has announced that GameStop will be distributing Volcanion (via download code) in North America throughout October. Volcanion is also coming to Europe, and GameStop will be handling its distribution in at least Germany and Italy. Volcanion comes at level 70 with the moves Steam Eruption, Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, and Explosion, and it has an Assault Vest as its hold item. You’ll be able to donwload Volcanion to Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire.

Source: Serebii

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