While the newest 3DS update added features such as dual-screen screenshots and cycling through themes, it also broke the exploit used to install the homebrew channel. If you’re into either the Nintendo hacking scene or the obscure games collecting hobby, then you’ve probably heard of Smealum’s “Ninjhax” homebrew exploit. If not, then allow me to elaborate.

A hacker known as Smealum released an exploit using the obscure game Cubic Ninja to install the homebrew channel on the 3DS. This allowed for homemade games and emulators, but not the ability to actually pirate 3DS games. As expected, the game’s price went up from about $5 to somewhere in the range of $35-$50. With all the hype surrounding the finally released homebrew exploit, the community started buying copies and running their emulators on the 3DS, essentially costing Nintendo money in lost virtual console sales. This new update now takes care of the problem and forces hackers to either find a new method to install the homebrew channel, modify the existing method, or just forget about the whole project.

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Source: Cheat Code Central

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