One of the most anticipated aspects of Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC was the mod support for the game. Mods enhanced many aspects of Grand Theft Auto IV, from graphical enhancements to gameplay with the inclusion of many, many ridiculous mods. But unfortunately, the newest patch released by Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto V PC reportedly kills mod support for the game, even though mods weren’t officially supported in the first place.

Patch 350.1 aims to specifically target bugs, crashes, and stability issues, as well as fixing it so you can alt+tab to the Steam version of the game. A few other fixes were also made, including fixing it where the game would sometimes freeze when attempting to rob a store, occasionally being unable to leave your garage, clipping issues while taking selfies, and a few more fixes that are detailed in Rockstar’s patch notes.

The modding community has voiced their opinions and given more insight into the patch and its mod-dampening abilities, saying that it makes Script Hook V, the tool used for mod making in Grand Theft Auto V, useless. Modders, or even players who would like to continue using mods, will have to use older versions of the patch, which may not be possible for many people.

Rockstar has yet to comment if removing mod support was intentional of not.

Source: GameSpot

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