The rumored Disney Infinity 3.0 could be getting many fan favourite characters, according to a leak by Chinese retailer Taobao. Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Olaf, both Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron: Legacy, as well as five characters from the upcoming Pixar movie Inside Out were all listed by both the retailer and site Infinity Inquirer as coming to Disney Infinity 3.0. Polygon sources also predict that these new characters would be releasing along side the Star Wars figures when Star Wars Episode VII comes out. All details and information surrounding Disney Infinity 3.0 have since been removed from Infinity Inquirer.

Many sources with direct involvement to
Disney Infinity 3.0 have spoken to Polygon confirming that there will be a Star Wars figurine line coming to Disney Infinity, although it hasn’t been confirmed if it will still be on Infinity 2.0 or the rumored Infinity 3.0.

Disney has yet to comment on the leak or
Infinity 3.0, but the information so far looks promising.

What do you think of the
3.0 information? Who do you want as the next figurines, whether it be Disney original IP’s, Star Wars, or anything else Disney? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Polygon

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