When Monolith Soft initiated a “mass hiring” back in October, many fans expected that the company was gearing up for the next big title in the Xenoblade franchise. Turns out that wasn’t true at all. The hiring spree was instead for Monolith Soft’s support roles. Aside from creating their own games, the company also helps Nintendo’s in-house teams on some of their biggest games, like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Splatoon. They’re mainly called in to assist Nintendo when it comes to map design and adventure elements.

So where does that leave us with Xenoblade? Well, Takahashi has already confirmed he’s started his next project. But according to new comments he made in an interview with GameSpot, the future of the Xenoblade series is left open. “The opportunity [for another Xenoblade game] presents itself,” Takahashi mentioned. “Usually I need to start with an interesting idea or direction that I feel it’s going to have some compatibility here but if that presented itself, I would consider doing so.”

It looks like Takahashi’s current project isn’t Xenoblade-related, unlike many fans have assumed. Don’t cross your fingers for a Baten Kaitos revival just yet, however. The man behind Baten Kaitos is Yasuyuki Honne, not Takahashi, and he leads his own team within the studio. This means we really can’t know what to expect from Takahashi’s side of Monolith Soft in the future, especially considering that Xenoblade Chronicles X was given the Xenoblade title seemingly just for being relatively close in design to the original game.

Source: GameSpot

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