After a 25-year hiatus, Nintendo revived the Nintendo World Championships to kick off this year’s E3 week; in a recent interview with GameSpot, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime discussed the event’s success and suggested that we could be seeing it again in the future.

According to Reggie, the World Championships were a huge success for Nintendo, with large numbers of people watching the event live, and even more catching the video later on Nintendo’s YouTube channel; while he didn’t elaborate on when exactly we could see the event return, he did say that Nintendo might try to do it on a more frequent basis than every 25 years.

Here’s Reggie’s full statement about the Nintendo World Championships:

“The sentiment [after the Nintendo World Championships] was fantastic. Whenever we do something that’s brand new, we’ll set up expectations and we’ll measure our performance against those expectations. So we had targets for simultaneous views, we had targets for the VOD (video on demand) views immediately after, and those targets were blown away with our actual performance.

“As of last night, we had about 2.5 million VOD views, and that’s before we, my words, ‘cleaned up’ the video, because right now there was a long lead on it. We’re doing some things, and we did overnight to tighten that up, but based on what I’ve seen so far that video is going to have, probably by the time we’re done here at E3, 3 or 3.5 million views, so it’s gonna be pretty massive.

“You know, the wonderful thing about our approach is that, for us, E3 is not cookie-cutter, right? We don’t say ‘this is gonna be the formula, let’s lock it in, we’re gonna do that for the next five years’. We really try and think through what’s going to be best, what’s going to be most effective in communicating the appeal of the games, and then we execute from there.

“This year, with the anniversary of Super Mario, with Mario Maker as a key game, plus the launch we had of Splatoon, which we believe could be a great competitive game, it made sense for us to bring back the World Championships. Certainly, the feedback by the fans has been phenomenal, so it’s gonna to make us consider how we, maybe, do this on a more frequent basis than every 25 years. But for us, it is about doing something that’s fun for the fan.” — Reggie Fils-Aime

So, it looks like we could see the return of the Nintendo World Championships before 2040; how do you guys feel about that?

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