Two days ago we reported that the planner of a Pokémon-themed PAX party claims that The Pokémon Company is suing him for $4,000. Ramar Larkin Jones claims that he has thrown this party four years in a row and was planning to throw it this year as well, but received notice of a lawsuit from The Pokémon Company for using their copyrighted materials in advertising and for charging admission to a party that uses their IP.

The full truth of the matter is difficult to discern, because The Pokémon Company has declined to comment on the specifics. However, a representative of The Pokémon Company has stated that they have not officially proposed any settlement, and Jones has not publicly released any documentation to confirm his claim that he’s only being given 45 days to pay $4,000. Jones has replied to this, stating that an offer was on the table (providing emails allegedly sent by The Pokémon Company) and that it was removed because The Pokémon Company thought he was “bad mouthing” them publicly.

“We had agreed to a settlement once the story broke on motherboard we got a email saying they were pulling the offer because I was bad mouthing them tho I was not. The lawyer I was working with is trying to get them to put the settlement back on the table so that we can be done with this entire thing. we should no by the end of the day. We have the emails going back and fourth where their lawyers say we have a deal.”
— Ramar Larkin Jones

Jones provided Game Informer with what he says is a letter from The Pokémon Company as well as a draft judgment. The documents seek a total of $5,400 ($5,000 for attorney fees and $400 for court filing fees) from Jones, but neither mentions the mid-November deadline that Jones claims The Pokémon Company would not budge on. As it currently stands, Jones is claiming that a settlement was agreed upon (and he raised the money to pay it off using GoFundMe) and then withdrawn, while The Pokémon Company claims they never offered a settlement.

Source: Game Informer

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