Ramar Larkin Jones planned to throw a Pokémon-themed party to kick off PAX (as he has the previous four years), but plans changed when he received notice that The Pokémon Company had filed a lawsuit against him. Jones used images of Pokémon in fliers and Facebook ads for his party, and charged $2 per ticket to attend. He claims that the total amount of money he collected was only about $500, which was not enough to cover all of the costs of the party. Upon being notified of the lawsuit, he cancelled the party and refunded the money to everyone who bought a ticket, but it didn’t end there.

Despite cancelling the party, Jones says that The Pokémon Company is still suing him, and they’re seeking $4,000. Additionally, they expect the money to be paid in full by mid-November and have apparently rejected an offer from Jones to pay back the cash over the course of one year. Jones has set up a fundraiser page to cover his legal fees, and he’s very nearly hit his mark. The Pokémon Company could not be reached for comment on the matter.

Source: Ars Technica

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