The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online application launched yesterday to select markets around the world for iPad and iPad mini Apple devices, bringing along the third generation of Pokémon.

Now, the
Pokémon TCG Online is available in the United States and can be downloaded for free at the App Store. The app will launch in additional markets in locations such as Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe later this week.

J.C. Smith, director of Consumer Marketing at The
Pokémon Company International, has stated why the Pokémon TCG Online was ported to iPad devices:

“The iPad version of the Pokémon TCG Online makes it even easier for fans to pick up the game and begin playing immediately. We want to provide players with various access points to play and enjoy the Pokémon TCG, whether it’s the traditional tabletop game, PC and Mac version, or the iPad and iPad mini app.”

Compared to the PC and Mac counterparts of the
Pokémon TCG Online, the iPad and iPad mini versions ensure the same features like player-versus-computer and player-versus-player online battles, avatar customization, a Pokémon TCG tutorial, and more. Also, for Pokémon TCG Online players who use PCs or Macs, their decks and progress can be transferred.

Do you think the ports to iPad and iPad mini devices are a waste of time for The
Pokémon Company International, or a great decision? Leave a comment down below and share your opinions!

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