According to Did You Know Gaming, a study conducted by Iowa State University reported the Pokéwalker is one of the most accurate pedometers ever. In the study, the Pokéwalker had significantly reduced step-counting error compared to both a standard DigiWalker pedometer and a Sensewear armband as walking speed on a treadmill increased.

While this is very interesting, is it really much of a surprise? Anyone who took advantage of the Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Pokéwalker must be familiar with the pains of being unable to fool the thing into thinking that you were walking. No matter what you did: shaking, bumping, jiggling… the step count would not budge! Unless it was strapped to your belt and you were actually physically walking, it just could not be fooled.

So what do you think? Are any of our more health-conscious readers going to bust out the Pokéwalker anytime soon?

Our Verdict

Michelle Wetherbee
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