The long-running, live-action Resident Evil film franchise came to an end with The Final Chapter in 2016, but much like a zombie, this series just won’t stay dead. Variety first reported last year that Constantin Film was planning to reboot the franchise. The project was silent for a year, but alongside the Monster Hunter movie, Constantin shared an updated on Resident Evil yesterday.

It would seem that the planned franchise reboot is still in its infancy stage, as Constantin hasn’t even settled on a format. It was originally planned as another movie or series of movies, but now the production company is considering shifting gears and making a TV series instead. CEO Martin Moszkowicz is aiming for a “fresh, different approach” and says it’s important that the team gets it right creatively.

One thing we do know is that Paul W. S. Anderson will not be returning for the reboot, whatever form it takes. Anderson is busy with the upcoming
Monster Hunter movie, as is Resident Evil film star Milla Jovovich. Last year Jovovich expressed some concerns about the reboot, but she also indicated that she’d consider getting involved if she was offered a Producer job.

Source: Variety

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