Early this year, Nintendo fans were fooled into believing that Rayman was coming to Smash Bros. thanks to a very convincing fake. This turned out to be the start of a popular series called Smashified that shows in great detail how famous video game characters would look in Smash. Following the success of Smashified, the talented team has decided to expand into a new video series.

Many fans have noted similarities between the recently-launched
Splatoon and GameCube hit Super Mario Sunshine, and there’s a small but vocal crowd that would love to see a crossover between the two. Splatshine is here to fill that void. The new series sees artists Sean Hicks and Chris Szczesiul crafting beautiful concept art based on a hypothetical crossover between the two games, while Nathanael Platier blends music from the two games to accompany the visuals. In the first episode, an epic battle with “Octo Petey” is depicted. You can check it out the video above, and the finished work of art below.

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