One of my favorite times of year in the video game industry is finally here! Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 kicks off today at 8:30 AM Pacific / 11:30 AM Eastern, and the event runs all the way until January 15th. Over the course of the next week, some of the world’s best speedrunners will put their talents on display (sometimes solo and sometimes racing against competitors) while raising money for charity.

Games Done Quick runs twice a year (with an event called Summer Games Done Quick coming in July), and every penny donated during the events goes to charity. While the Summer donations go to Doctors Without Borders, all donations made during Awesome Games Done Quick this week will go directly to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Fan donations totaled over 1.2 million dollars last year at this time, and the total reached nearly 1.3 million during the Summer event.

The pre-show starts at the previously mentioned time, and the first event (an Any% run of Ape Escape 2) starts a half hour later. The final event (outside of the post-show celebration) is a True Pacifist Ending take on Undertale on Saturday. For those tuning in for the Super Metroid race (always one of the biggest races of the show), that takes place on Saturday at 9:45 PM Eastern, and four players will be competing.

You can watch all the fun in the Twitch stream above, and you can keep tabs on the complete schedule by clicking here.

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