Consoles come and go, games continue to innovate, and the industry
becomes more and more bombastic as time goes by. However, controller
layouts have almost universally stayed the same. Two analog sticks, 4
face buttons, shoulder triggers, a directional pad, with the occasional
minor difference. Years of experience have taught game companies that
safety is better than danger, and nowhere is this more evident in the
main centers of interaction with consoles.

In September of last
year, though, Valve announced a significant deviation from the formula.
Instead of analog sticks, we got trackpads. Instead of a start button,
we got a touchscreen in the center. There were triggers not only on the
shoulders, but on the handles. Instead of buttons, we get little nubs on
the trackpads. It was crazy, but possibly just crazy enough to work.

However, after looking over its initial design, Valve has revealed a new and
“improved” design for their controller, although I’ll leave that one up
to you guys. You can look down below to see it in all of its glory, or
you can go into the comments section. Or, preferably, you can do both!

Source: Steam Universe

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