A couple of weeks ago we learned that the Pokémon series is getting a commercial during the Super Bowl for the first time in history. We didn’t expect to see the commercial until the big game itself on February 7th, but The Pokémon Company surprised us by releasing it on early on their YouTube channel. We speculated that it could be an advertisement for Pokémon GO (as it costs millions to air a Super Bowl commercial and Pokémon GO is their most-hyped upcoming product), but it’s not quite what we were expecting.

As indicated earlier, the theme of the commercial is “Train On,” and it sees people from all different backgrounds drawing inspiration from seeing others training hard and uttering “I can do that.” As the commercial nears its end, two Pokémon trainers face off in a stadium packed with cheering fans. The screen pulls back to reveal a father and son watching the battle on television, as the father encourages the son with the words “You can do that.” It’s a great representation of what
Pokémon is all about, and you can check it out by clicking above.

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