A new world record has been made for the fastest ever Any% speedrun of the original Super Mario Bros., with a time of 4:57.260. American speedrunner “Darbian“, the man who set the previous world record of 4:57.627 in October after over 6,000 attempts, has managed to best himself after many months of effort.

In the description of the video, Darbian states that he doesn’t believe he can ever improve this run, and that he has reached his potential with Super Mario Bros. He will now move on to other games.

You can watch the video above!

This record is astounding, and it’s probably going to be a very long time before it’s broken by another speedrunner. This is because no time was lost in this run, as no tangible mistakes were made by Darbian. You can see this in the video. In the black box below the live video feed of his face, there are a list of levels and a list of times. As the video progresses, these times fill out with the amount of time lost on each level of the game. If a time reads “0.0”, that means that the run of a certain level was perfect. At the end of the video, each of the times reads “0.0”, meaning Darbian achieved the ideal of what he was going for.

It is likely that for someone to beat this record, a new glitch or tactic would have to be discovered for speedrunning the game, as repeating the same tactics used in the video would only yield the same results, and that’s only in an ideal scenario.

What do you guys think? Personally, I greatly admire Darbian, and I think that this run is seriously worthy of praise.

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