Last week, a Nintendo Treehouse employee named Chris Pranger appeared on the Part Time Gamer podcast and spoke pretty candidly about life at Nintendo. Pranger opened up about the cost of localization and the frustration that comes from fans not understanding, Masahiro Sakurai’s “dire outlook” on the Smash series, Nintendo’s repeated use of the word “New” in marketing, and using localization employees as voice actors to cut costs.

Pranger has since revealed on Twitter that Nintendo has fired him. Pranger says his termination was “his own fault” but that he did not see it coming. Pranger also wrote a long, heartfelt message on his
Facebook, citing the podcast as the reason for his termination. The message is deeply emotional, as Pranger feels that he has failed those that depend on him and isn’t sure what step to take next. We won’t post any of it here, but our hearts go out to him in this difficult time, and we hope he is able to find employment quickly and put this in the past.

Source: Chris Pranger

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