The United Kingdom and Australia alike are no stranger to banning violent video games, guns, and other apparent dangers in the name of safety. This has earned the countries the not-so endearing term “Nanny State” when their citizens discuss the overprotective nature of such laws.

And according to a recent report from the BBC, the UK is only going to clamp down harder. Now, parents will be reported to the authorities if school teachers find out that their children have been playing naughty video games such as
Grand Theft Auto V or Call of Duty. British head teachers in Cheshire have already gotten off to a great start, sending out letters of warning to parents in over 16 schools, threatening to charge them with neglect if they do not comply.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced earlier this month that any adult in the position of authority will face prison sentences of up to five years if they fail to report instances of neglect or abuse. This is all in fear that these explicit video games and certain areas of social media can kickstart sexuality in youth, leaving them vulnerable to sexual grooming.

Mary Hennessy Jones, the head teacher that drafted the letters, said the following about the new rules:

“We are trying to help parents to keep their children as safe as possible in this digital era. It is so easy for children to end up in the wrong place and parents find it helpful to have some very clear guidelines.”
Mary Hennessy Jones

Meanwhile, no said punishments have yet been noted to parents that let their child listen to things like MIA and watch Skins, but that’s likely to come after they’ve purged their country of the 12 year-old British children that scream racial slurs at me over a game of
Advanced Warfare.

So what do you think about this recent development? Is it too harsh, or do you think it needs to happen? Hit the comments to let us know!

Source: BBC

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