Over the past few years, modded games have become a big part of the Smash community. Some mods, like Project M, have even come to find a home in the tournament circuit. However, more often than not, Smash mods require some degree of hacking and/or Homebrew. Just recently, a trailer was posted on YouTube showcasing a Melee mod that does not require any hacking, ISOs, or even Homebrew.

The mod is being called the 20XX: Tournament Edition. It features many editable settings that allow for the game to become more tournament-focused. Some of these settings include removing stage hazards and transitions, the ability to lock settings to prevent tampering during tournaments, and training modes. Another really awesome feature is the addition of a Taunt Mode, and I’ll just let you all watch the video to see what it’s about.

One of the best features, though, is the fact that it boots straight from a memory card, which means no hacking is necessary. It is also free to download, though you can support the project by dropping $15 to pre-order an official 20XX: Tournament Edition memory card that comes already loaded with the mod. 20XX: Tournament Edition is currently set to release in August of 2015. For even more information, I suggest heading over to the official website.

What do you think about this mod? Do you plan on downloading it? Do you think it has the potential to overtake Project M in terms of popularity? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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