The Uncharted movie just ran into another obstacle. Sony has been attempting to turn one of their biggest hit franchises into a movie for years now, but after multiple delays and the departure of multiple directors and a lead actor, the project was removed from Sony’s schedule altogether. It finally resurfaced with a new script and a new lead actor, but now the project has lost yet another director.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shawn Levy is no longer attached to the project. Levy, who served as an Executive Producer on Stranger Things, has reportedly quit the Uncharted film to work on Free Guy, a movie starring Ryan Reynolds and set in a video game world. Sony is now looking for a new director, but Spider-Man star Tom Holland remains attached as a young Nathan Drake.

The Uncharted movie was originally slated to hit theaters in June of 2016, and the latest script was finished nearly two years ago. It’s unclear what Sony’s timeline for the project is going forward or how this latest resignation will impact the script, if at all.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Ben Lamoreux


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