Nintendo is planning to launch a new console in March, but they still haven’t revealed it to the public. Every week there’s a handful of rumors claiming that NX will be announced any day, and this week is no exception.
The Macquarie Group recently claimed that NX would be revealed this week, and many have speculated that it will happen by or before the upcoming earnings release on October 26th.

Takashi Mochizuki of The Wall Street Journal has just weighed in on the subject, and according to his report, the wait isn’t over yet. Rather than revealing NX itself by or before the investor meeting, Nintendo is only expected to announce its plans for the unveiling.

“Nintendo is expected to announce its plan on how it would unveil its next-generation videogame platform, code-named “NX,” when Chief Executive Tatsumi Kimishima meets the press next Wednesday and analysts the day after. It is unlikely—though not impossible—that the company would talk about the NX this week via online presentations. A Nintendo spokesman said the company plans to share more about the NX by the end of this year; the launch is scheduled to occur by March.”
— Takashi Mochizuki

Additionally, Kantan Games CEO and analyst Dr. Serkan Toto tweeted out that he was told NX won’t be revealed this week, but that it would be discussed in some form around the time of the earnings release. However, he stressed that his source was not quite “rock solid” on the issue.

Most of what people have weighed in with has been speculation, personal opinion, or sources lacking certainty up to this point. It’s unclear whether The Wall Street Journal has a specific, certain source behind their expectations or if they are simply offering their analysis. As usual, Nintendo remains entirely silent, outside of repeating their previous statement that news will be shared by the end of the year.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Serkan Toto

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