A few days back, Thekla Inc. founder Jonathan Blow posted a rather peculiar image to The Witness‘ official development blog, a new snapshot of the game’s colorful island with a twist: the castle area had been wiped out, and in its place was a largely untextured mess of polygons forming the rudimentary outline of a structure. Blow explained that, in the last weeks leading up to E3, they’d decided to completely rebuild the castle starting area even though it’s “the part of the game everyone at E3 will play.”

In other words, that splotch of green and brown, the “very crude mockup,” is going to be a full-fledged beautiful castle before it gets to E3, by June 6th they say, actually. As it turns out, the team’s planning to chronicle the adventure of rebuilding the entire castle on the development blog for all of us to see, too.

The plan is for the blog to be updated daily with the team’s progress, and June 2nd’s entry was all about that day’s goal “to sort out the design and navigation of the main entrance and the small towers.” They made a mockup which Thekla’s Luis Antonio claims “didn’t look quite right,” after which point they consulted the architects and were given some models and drawing of what would be proper for a castle.

Here are some of the images they displayed:

Antonio looked at some references to get a sense for the “pieces” he would require, including some pictures he took on a trip to Portugal two years ago, and—though there are more pictures and some further information on the blog post itself—what resulted looks pretty great. Here’s what they’ve got for now on the castle’s entrance:

Source: The Witness‘ Official Development Blog

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