Today it is our unfortunate duty to report on a horrific and tragic event that just occurred at the Madden Championship Series competition in Jacksonville, Florida. During the tournament, a shooter opened fire and injured numerous people. Early reports suggest at least 11 people were shot, leaving four victims dead and seven others injured.

Publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed the situation, and they are working with local authorities to collect all of the facts. They issued a statement calling the event a horrible situation and offering their sympathies to the families of the victims. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has also announced that he’s working with local police in handling the situation.

CompLexity Gaming founder and CEO Jason Lake has confirmed that Madden player Drini was among the shooting victims, but he will be fine after sustaining an injury to his thumb and escaping. Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville has confirmed that they are treating at least three victims from the shooting, and they are currently in stable condition.

At this time all reports should be considered subject to change, as information is still coming in.

Update: Police have confirmed that there was only one shooting suspect, and he is now deceased. His name has not yet been revealed to the public. 

Update 2: Police have now identified the shooter as David Katz. Reports from unnamed witnesses at the event state that he became angry after losing a match and opened fire. Katz is then believed to have taken his own life. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, there were 13 total victims. 11 had gunshot wounds while two were injured in other ways. Three people were deceased when the police arrived on the scene, including Katz. 

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