When Watch Dogs released two years ago, the different types of preorders and editions available caused a bit of confusion, and it appears as if Ubisoft is sticking to its guns with the upcoming sequel, Watch Dogs 2. The company has already unveiled a bunch of different types of editions you can buy: everything from Uplayshop exclusives, Collector’s Editions, Gold Edition, to of course, the Standard Edition. Needless to say, it’s complicated. Oh, and one of them comes in an actual robot.

If you’re buying the game in America, your options are relatively straight-forward. The Standard Edition comes with the base game for $59.99, while the Deluxe Edition includes “two exclusive Deluxe Packs filled with premium customization items to personalize your character, weapons, vehicles, drones and more” for $69.99. The Gold Edition further improves on this by offering a Season Pass subscription for future DLC for a total of $99.99. But you can also upgrade any of these three to their “Collector’s Edition” version for an extra $50, which adds on a real-life remote-controlled Wrench Junior robot to whichever option you went with.

For European gamers, things get a bit more complicated. Both Uplayshop exclusives cost €149,99 and include a season pass and a deluxe pack for the game, but that’s where the similarities end. One option offers “The return of Dedsec” Collector’s case, which includes lithographies, a map of San Franscisco, Dedsec themed laptop stickers, replicas of the main character Marcus’ scarf and cap, an exclusive 64 page artbook, and a Dedsec art Marcus figurine, while the other offers the aforementioned Wrench Junior, standing at 7.8 inches tall—with app support!

On the other hand, if you choose to settle for the San Francisco Edition at €109,99, you will get, on top of the base game, a deluxe pack, lithographies, a map of San Francisco, Dedsec-themed laptop stickers, and a Marcus Figurine.

If you still want a few of the Watch Dogs 2 goodies, but don’t have that much disposable income, the Deluxe Edition, priced at €59,99, will include a deluxe pack, lithographies, and a map of San Francisco, while the Gold Edition, with a price point of €89,99, includes both a deluxe pack and a season pass.

In addition, preordering any of the editions will provide you with one extra in-game mission titled “The Zodiac Killer.”

If all of this sounds a bit confusing, Ubisoft has included a handy chart for tracking the different types of bonuses, for your convenience. You can check out in the gallery below. And remember, the game is coming out on November 15th this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox, so you only have until then to make up your mind on which version you want!

Source: Ubisoft

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