If you or someone you know says that they have a Pokémon GO beta access invite, it is probably not legitimate. If the beta invite was accepted from pokemonbeta.com, the invite is fake. The entire website is an enormous scam that has gone so far as to post a video on their website claiming to be the official site among the fakes. While it looks mostly professional and official, claiming it is and boasting a clever copyright tag at the bottom, the website is pure weapons-grade bolognium.

The most obvious place to look for signs of being fake is in the images used on the website. On the home page, you can see that the images they used within the slideshow mostly consist of Photoshops, stills, and what appears to be a piece of fan art. If you look below the images on the page and read what they have written, their spacing on their sentences is incorrect. After every period there is no space, which is grammatically incorrect, and if this were an official site such a mistake would not have been made. Another issue with the site is the terms and conditions. Usually with major companies and games come a large amount of terms and conditions, especially if something is a trial and not fully completed. However, the terms and conditions page is short and badly written.

So if you or someone you know claims to have a beta invite, you better check your source because it is probably fake and part of a scam. If and when the
Pokémon GO beta is finally announced, it will almost certainly be done through the official Pokémon website.

What do you think of all of the
Pokémon scams? Do you wish The Pokémon Company would release more information? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Go Nintendo

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