When The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild first launched, gamers were blown away by the size and depth of this new Hyrulean adventure, as well as by other, seemingly minor aspects of the experience. Not the least of these was how, unlike many open-world games these days, the title launched with very few bugs and glitches. Don’t think those don’t exist in the title, however; two recently discovered ones have provided gamers with some fascinating abilities and mysterious new areas to learn about in the game.

The first of these is a brand new glitch involving the title’s camera rune. As shown off by YouTube user Mety333 in the above video, the trick allows you to use the in-game camera while also moving freely—it just involves a specific set of button presses. If one holds the shield button (and continues to hold it until this particular order of operations is over), simultaneously presses the camera and crouch buttons, and then side jumps to the right, they can keep the camera on Link with the ability to take pictures regardless of the action he is doing. Other than the Nintendo Switch capture, this will allow gamers to get much snazzier action shots in-game of the Hero of Hyrule.

Our other glitch is definitely the more mysterious of the two, however. Quite by accident, one gamer discovered a haunting, glitchy area outside the usual room boundaries of the Trial of the Sword, one of the new additions to the game via its first DLC pack. While it has proven a difficult trick to replicate, Reddit user sharkystheshotty was thankfully able to snag a few screenshots before he was whisked away, perhaps never to see it again. You can check these out in the gallery below.

The area was accessed on the third level of the Middle Trials of the Trial of the Sword, where sharkystheshotty clipped through a wall after following an updraft that was only supposed to lead to a chest on a floating platform. Instead, Link found himself in an unfinished play area with notably flat topography and soothing blue skies—at least before the game reset itself, placing the user back in the normal game.

Something about the emptiness of the new area screams either eerie or peaceful to different crowds. For
Breath of the Wild standards, so very little is seemingly going on in these photos, which might indicate that developers meant this space to be a test area or simply unused content that was not deleted. Either way, other Reddit users and gamers are trying to find out if they can replicate the original maneuvers that allowed sharkystheshotty’s Link to clip through the wall.

What do you think of these two tricks and glitches? Will you be trying to replicate Mety333’s camera trick, or will you scour the walls of the Trial of the Sword to figure out how to escape outside? Let us know if you manage either of these, or if you have caused the game to do anything else unexpected, in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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