Kingdom Hearts‘ creation was an unlikely one, born of a crossover between companies that seemed to have little area for collaboration. Over a decade later, however, the millions of fans eagerly waiting for Kingdom Hearts III prove this to be a risky venture well-taken. Many have been drawn to the prospect of exploring Disney worlds, others to the superb combat system, and more still to the memorable and touching musical themes prevalent throughout – the last of which is clear in an EP recently released by music professional, Rozen.

Tackling two of the series’ most well-known songs, the composer and producer has attempted to expand upon the sentiments of loneliness, longing, and hope afforded by the iconic tunes:

“The main reason I arranged those two tracks was because I wanted to be able to listen to music while stargazing — almost like a lullaby. I wanted to go inside the “lonely” world of Sora, try to feel that solitude when he’s traveling across the stars.”
— Rozen

Although some fans may get lost in the admittedly convoluted narrative of
Kingdom Hearts, the central themes of a longing for home, lost friends, and the hope to reunite form its emotional core, and those are what shine through in these arrangements. So while they might not assuage the pain of waiting for entirely, I recommend you take this composer’s words to heart and take a moment to “sit back, close your eyes, relax, and listen as your imagination soars through the sky”. It just might remind you why you started playing the series in the first place.

If you’d like to download this track, or listen to Rozen’s other video game music (VGM) arrangements, covers, and the like, check out the links below. Additionally, keep on the lookout for his upcoming album of Zelda music, dedicated to the King of Light and Shadow himself: Ganondorf.

In the meantime, share your thoughts on this arrangement, your notable Kingdom Hearts memories, or hopes for the upcoming title in the comments.

Album artwork: akayashi


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