They grow up so fast!


  1. Nasus was a good starter

  2. Other players:

  3. Me when I played Nasus

  4. Nasus: AFK farm top for 30 minutes while your team gets decimated. Walk into mid, having ascended to godhood, and win the game yourself.

  5. Gilbert Castro when you play on my file in league lmao

  6. Luke Alan if this isn’t you

  7. If your team can hold out for 25 min. GG

  8. Keith Da Don Banks every time I play with you

  9. That’s a damn hussler

  10. I’ve always wanted to make a new profile and pretend to noob.

  11. Me with MF when I first started.

  12. I found the Smurf, guys.

  13. Sarah Peacock you when you first started playing Mordhau lol

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