YouTuber and accomplished Bloodborne player Lobos Jr. recently took on the first boss of the The Old Hunters DLC pack, Ludwig the Accursed, and won. Sounds pretty normal, right? Except he did so using only his character’s fists.

That’s right, no weapons were involved in this particular fight. Not only that, but the game was set to NG+7, the game’s hardest difficulty. After around twelve hours of attempting to do so, Lobos Jr. finally nailed it in a 38-minute long battle royale.

This isn’t his first crazy gaming stunt, either. He’s also brawled his way through the original Bloodborne game using only “dragon punches”, made his way through the entirety of Dark Souls II without deaths or bonfires (checkpoints), and defeated a version of Dark Souls modified to be shown upside down.

Source: EuroGamer

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Everything looks so much cooler in my mind.


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