If you’re a 3DS gamer looking for a creative way to store up to 16 of your favorite games, check this out. Japanese Twitter user WatsonStrong00 recently bought a box of Godiva Carrés, specifically this one (though any box of Godiva squares should work), and was pleasantly surprised to find that the chocolate squares inside the box were only slightly larger than a 3DS cartridge. Naturally, he decided to make the box into a game case; it even has little windows which show you the first row of games on the left side of the box.

At HK $170 (USD $21.92), this box is definitely more expensive than other cases with just as many slots, but it’s pretty unique and has the not-insignificant benefit of coming loaded with amazing Godiva chocolates. If nothing else, it’s an interesting conversation starter. What do you think of the idea of turning something like this into a game case? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

Source: Twitter via: Dualshockers

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