Donkey Kong Country is a beloved Nintendo classic. Donkey Kong’s adventure in the game, despite gigantic crocodiles and one of the jungle’s most infamous cases of banana larceny, is for the most part lighthearted and carefree. But a corrupted copy of any game can radically alter its messaging—some might show tiled sprites instead of the intended visuals, while others might simply show moving hex values on the screen—but this corrupted version of Donkey Kong Country is one of the most haunting in recent memory.

Like many a corrupted game, this one mostly shows glitched-out graphics and confusing visuals. It even warps Donkey Kong from one level to another seemingly at random every now and again. But the terror shines through in one of the game’s hidden minigames: Donkey Kong finds himself split up into several pieces clinging onto a rope in an eerie, abandoned mineshaft. As you come to the end of the ghastly tunnel, you’ll find the lone rotting corpse of DK’s little pal, Diddy.

This isn’t some horrifying hidden message left by the developers, of course—it’s merely a haunting coincidence. The still frame of Diddy Kong is one frame from his injury animation in the game, and his pale color is simply a graphical corruption. But according to the person who uploaded the YouTube video, Diddy’s corpse was not supposed to be there according to the ROM corrupting program he used.

Luckily we can rest easy knowing Diddy Kong will stick around in the Kong family. After all, King of Swing proves that Wrinkly’s ghost is in the prime of her life, even after death.

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Colin McIsaac
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