A few days ago, an extremely dedicated Nintendo fan completed a massive collection of every single game ever released on the Wii. There are over 1000 games in this collection (1,262, to be precise), and many of them are extremely rare; in fact, some of these games are so rare that there are only a few dozen copies of them in existence. Amazingly enough, the collection was started in December 2015, so it only took about a year to complete.

You can take a look at some photos of the collection in the gallery below. A full list of every game in the collection is available here, and you can read a detailed forum post about it all here. The collection was created by a Nintendo Age forum user named NintendoTwizer, who completed a similar collection for the Nintendo 64 back in 2012.

In the gallery below, you can also find photos of the 40 games that NintendoTwizer believes to be the rarest Wii titles ever released. If you’re interested, he also filmed a YouTube video where he goes through each of these unique games individually and gives some information on their origin. The rarest of them all, 2 for 1 Power Pack: Winter Blast/Summer Sports, is nearly impossible to find, and it had to be bought off of another collector at a steep price.

What do you think? Would you ever dare attempt to build a collection on this scale? Have you heard of any of the extremely rare games in the gallery? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Age

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