It sure feels like Nintendo’s been releasing a lot of limited-edition Nintendo 3DS XLs, lately, doesn’t it? Between special consoles for Animal Crossing, Yoshi’s New Island, Mario & Luigi, A Link Between Worlds, and tons of others, it’s hard to keep track anymore. But if you’ve been holding out on buying a Nintendo 3DS for this long, now might be the time to cave, as Nintendo of Europe has just announced a limited edition bundle for Super Smash Bros..

The console is a beautiful crimson red with a big chunk of the Smash cast ready to leap into action on the front—it looks almost like a comic book illustration. It comes with Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS pre-installed and launches alongside the game on October 3rd.

There’s no word yet on the bundle’s price, though I’d imagine it sits at £199.99 like the other console bundles. There’s also no word on whether this bundle will release in any other territories, but my gut says it’s a matter of time before they make that announcement.

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