A Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a book of NES art has passed its original funding goal of $15,000 and is currently standing at just over $20,000. The book, called The Complete NES, will contain over 300 pages of NES box art, screenshots, information, summaries, game art, and more. It will also come with a new indie NES Homebrew RPG called Jeffrey Wittenhagen’s Black Box Challenge, in which the player has to collect every NES Black Box game.

The book itself contains many things, including the box art, screenshots, release year, publisher, and a brief summary of each licensed NES game, as well as a checklist for collectors to tick off as they acquire each game. There will be a smaller hardback version for collectors who require a more portable way to check their collection’s progress.

The accompanying NES game comes in a newly-made cartridge (no cannibalizing of old cartridges, assures the author) and will have a port to the Retro VGS console. Backers who pledge $200 or more will be added as characters in the game. Backers who pledge $2,000 (of which there have been none so far) can be immortalized as the game’s final boss.

Artist Joe Simko, the creator of the re-released Topps Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, will be taking commissions for some backers and will be doing limited prints.

Source: Kickstarter

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