A terrifying new easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops III was discovered recently by YouTuber TheHiddenBlade01, which turns all of the mannequins on the map “NUK3TOWN” into the horrific Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.

To trigger the easter egg, the player must shoot off all of the mannequin’s arms, which will immediately bring them all to life and make them attack the player characters. The mannequins are very strong, but they are only able to move when no player is looking at them, so they have to sneak up behind the players and attack them while they aren’t in sight. Because of this, they can be quite scary, as they appear seemingly out of nowhere, and deal a lot of damage to unsuspecting players. When they are shot, the mannequins scream in pain but remain completely immobile, which makes them even creepier.

Check out the video above!

The “Weeping Angels” are fictional monsters from the British sci-fi show Doctor Who, and serve as the inspiration for this easter egg. Essentially, these monsters turn to immortal stone statues when any living being is looking at them. When nobody’s looking, however, they are quick, brutal monsters and are nearly impossible to kill. They were introduced in the episode “Blink,” one of the series’ most famous episodes, and have made several appearances in the show since then.

Personally, I love this easter egg. It’s very extensive and well done, especially for something that most players will never even see. The Angels are depicted really well, and seeing them pop out of nowhere is terrifying. The added sound effects for their deaths and the way that they are frozen in grotesque, animal-like poses makes the easter egg even scarier.

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