A fair number of Nintendo Switch owners have been reporting issues with the left Joy-Con, and Nintendo recently offered a few solutions. In order to shed more light on the issue, though, YouTube user Spawn Wave did a complete tear down of the Joy-Cons in order to find out what could be causing the left one to disconnect. During his tear down, which you can watch above, Spawn Wave discovered that the left and right Joy-Cons have two different types of antenna. The right controller has a separate antenna, while the left has an antenna built into the circuit board.

An on-circuit antenna isn’t always a problem. Indeed, it’s pointed out in the video that the DualShock 4 controllers use this method effectively. The issue appears to be that the left Joy-Con has a large metal piece right next to the antenna. Under some circumstances this could cause connection issues, but taking some of the steps that Nintendo suggested like getting closer to the Switch or keeping a direct line of sight could help alleviate the problem. Unfortunately, this appears to be a hardware issue, so that means Nintendo will either have to replace all of these controllers, do nothing, or something in between.

All hope isn’t lost, thankfully. Spawn Wave showed that it’s possible to weld a new antenna, although he doesn’t suggest this method as the issue doesn’t call for such drastic measures. I personally have not had many issues with my Switch, although this problem seems to primarily affect those in interference-heavy environments or people who play from farther away.

Have you been experiencing issues with your Nintendo Switch, or are you holding off on getting one until this issue is fixed? Let us know in the comments!

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