Mario Tennis Aces is launching in a little under two months, but there’s still a lot about the game which Nintendo is keeping under wraps. One such detail is the full roster, as even though we’ve had sixteen competitors confirmed, it’s still expected that the final count will be even larger. Well, thanks to a preorder bonus, we now know of three additional veterans who will likely be returning for the Switch title.

Recently, certain Japanese retailers revealed specialized tote bags featuring the symbols of many of the game’s playable characters as a preorder bonus. Many of these match up with already announced characters, such as Mario’s “M” and Peach’s crown, but fans quickly spotted a trio of extras: Birdo’s bow, Diddy Kong’s stars, and Paratroopa’s wing, all but confirming them as playable.

Birdo, Diddy Kong, and Paratroopa are all
Mario Tennis veterans. Birdo first appeared in Mario Tennis for the N64 and returned in Mario Sports Superstars, Paratroopa was playable in Mario Tennis Power, and Diddy Kong was playable in both Mario Power Tennis and Mario Tennis Open. All three were absent from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, making them some of the few characters in Aces to not be returning from the Wii U title.

These three are not the first characters accidentally revealed for
Aces. Previously, a European Switch commercial gave a brief glimpse at Aces’ character select screen, showing off Spike.

It remains to be seen whether these characters will be available in the base game. Koopa was previously revealed to be unlocked by playing in online tournaments, and it’s possible these characters will be the next wave of participation trophies. We’ll know for sure when
Mario Tennis Aces launches worldwide on June 22nd.

Source: Geo Online (via GoNintendo)

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