To Escape This Nightmare, You’ll Need To Be Fearless


Fear Less: Escape the Nightmare is a brand new pixel art infinite-runner game, and it’s a beautiful one. After I was finished being amazed by the gorgeous colour palette and the stunning art, I dove into this game expecting another bland, run-of-the-mill runner game. What I got, however, was amazing. The term ‘infinite runner’ is kind of an unfitting description, as there is an end, but you’ll have to master the controls and buy all of the upgrades to get there. The controls are fairly simple; Z to jump and X to use your sword. The mechanics will take a few runs to get used to, but as they become more familiar to you, they’ll become close to second nature.

In Fear Less, you play as an adorable young girl who has recurring nightmares taking place in a forest. In these nightmares, Death chases her through said forest and all of its cute, yet dangerous inhabitants take their swipes at you. At the end of each nightmare (during which you have to avoid many obstacles, including the forest animals, mushrooms, gravestones, jets of flame, and flying skulls), Death catches up to you and impales you on his scythe. During your nightmares you can collect coins to use to upgrade yourself in between the nightmares. One of the major mechanics is your sword. As you approach an enemy, a sword meter will appear. A slider will go back and forth across it and if you hit X while the slider is over the red zone, you’ve successfully attacked the enemy, the animation for which will play when you pass by your foe.

Fear Less is available for play in your browser.

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