When Fallout 4 was announced in June of last year, many fans were not expecting to hear that the game would also be coming out in less than six months from the announcement. In a recent interview with GameSpot, Fallout 4 director Todd Howard discussed why Bethesda left such a short announcement to release window for Fallout 4, as well as DLC for the newest installment of the Fallout series.

“I really prefer it, for multiple reasons. There are moments when you get excited about hearing about something. I think that’s a special moment. Then you take Fallout, people already wanted it and that helps tremendously.” — Todd Howard

Howard also went on to say how problematic a long announcement to release time can be, as “Game development is a fluid, ongoing process, and game mechanics and systems can change as development progresses.” He went on to say that: “If you’re talking about that too early, people aren’t getting excited, they’re getting anxious,” a feeling many players know very well.

But even when Fallout 4 was announced, not much information was given, as the team wanted players to set foot into Boston without any preconceived notions of what to expect.

Bethesda has teased three longer term projects to come, with possibly even shorter announcement-to-release time than Fallout 4, saying that it “could be a lot shorter.” He elaborated by saying that: “How long that time is, is to be determined. It could be a lot shorter, believe it or not, or [six months] could be the right amount of time. It differs per project.”

Even though Bethesda does have three new projects coming, Howard teased that one of the longer-term projects is “not as big as the other two,” but for all three, “They’ll each find their own way of being announced and released.” The wait for these new projects may be long, but in the meantime, Fallout fans have all of the upcoming DLC to look forward to.

“Bethesda enjoys the months after a game’s launch, in part because it gets to have a back-and-forth with fans on a level it could not when the studio is in secret mode, plugging away at a game. DLC for us–we’ve done it every game and a ton of it over time. It’s great for us to see what people like about the game, find any holes are that we can expand on or do new things. It’s good for the studio. We’re putting more things out, we’re making the game better. We’re more engaged, as opposed to that period when we’re not saying anything. Now we’re engaged and we like that process of hearing from our fans and what they want more of. It’s really important to us that it’s not just like the game comes out–it’s a platform in many respects. What the game is a year from now is going to be very different.” — Todd Howard

Source: GameSpot

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