Recently, the one issue that has many gamers up in arms is censorship and localization. The biggest controversy centered around Fire Emblem Fates, with its altering of the face petting mechanic and a translation which even deleted an entire conversation. Fire Emblem Fates is hardly the only game in which these issues arise, though. Take for example Bravely Second, where the outfits, a class, and even sidequests have changed in the Western localization.

This certainly will not be the last time something like that happens, as new cases of this self-censorship are waiting on the horizon. And because of the trailer footage shown in the latest Nintendo Direct, we have evidence to believe Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has at least one outfit changed in the Western localization.

The change in question concerns Tsubasa Oribe’s idol outfit. In the original Japanese version of the game, she exposes a little bit of cleavage. Apparently the localization team has deemed this too much for Western audiences, because in our version of the game she wears a top covering this up. You can see this in the tweet above; the left image is of the Japanese version, and the right image is of the Western version.

What do you think about these kind of changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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