Tomodachi Life. It’s a little difficult to describe this one. You don’t get to watch your sister marry Ice Cube in many other video games. However, in this one you could. And I did. Nintendo goes against the grain now and then, but it’s rare to see a title as weird as this one release. It’s even stranger for it to sell well. However, this one could. And it did.

Nintendo has expressed surprise and delight concerning
Tomodachi‘s sales in North America and Europe. In fact, the title has been selling steadily since it launched last summer. It even helped push hardware numbers in both regions.

“We released ‘Tomodachi Life’ in the overseas markets last June, which is the title released as ‘Tomodachi Collection: Shin-Seikatsu’ (Japanese title) in Japan in 2013, and the global life-to-date sales of this title reached 3.96 million units.

“It is interesting to note that the sales pace has been steady in Europe in particular. This graph compares it to the sales transition of ‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf,’ which was released in almost the same period of the previous year. In the overseas markets, ‘Tomodachi Life’ had to make a start as a little known and entirely new IP because the original ‘Tomodachi Collection’ for Nintendo DS was not available there. For your information, this graph shows the weekly sales of each title through the end of the year and the number of weeks for ‘Tomodachi Life’ is one more than that for “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” as ‘Tomodachi Life’ was released one week earlier in the year.

“As you can see, ‘Tomodachi Life’ has sold steadily for a long time. The sell-through of the two titles including their digital versions until the end of the calendar year of the respective releases are on the same level: 1.28 million units for ‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’ and 1.22 million units for ‘Tomodachi Life.’ Considering the difference in their brand awareness and initial sales, it is fair to say that ‘Tomodachi Life’ has achieved good results. It is also notable that the sales in one European country, France, have surpassed those in the U.S.

“We can make Nintendo 3DS a more widely received platform by realizing the market potential of such titles as they have fewer competitors in the video game industry and more appeal to female consumers. Actually, ‘Tomodachi Life’ and a pink Nintendo 2DS succeeded in attracting young female European consumers to the platform in the year-end sales season. With the help of the hit ‘Tomodachi Life,’ Nintendo 2DS has made its mark as an entry model in Europe, constituting nearly half of the sales of Nintendo 3DS hardware in the year-end sales season.” — Nintendo

With this news, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another Tomodachi come stateside within the next few years. Maybe in the next one, I will get to marry Ice Cube.


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