The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes launches in under a month, and tons of new footage has emerged that shows various aspects of the game in action. YouTuber Nintendaan has recorded several videos showing off a new minigame, a boss fight, costume crafting, and the opening cinematic. On top of that, we recently got an English preview trailer that gives an overview of all the main features the game has to offer.

The preview trailer doesn’t include much new information, but it does a good job of showing off all the general details about
Tri Force Heroes. Players can go it alone with two mannequin partners or play in co-op, either through download play, local wireless, or wi-fi connection, to explore the land of Hytopia and save Princess Styla from a terrible…fashion curse. Speaking of fashion, the trailer also shows off a variety of the costumes available, each of which grants some unique ability to the wearer. In addition, it shows many of the game’s items in action. After accessing each level from a central hub town, players will select which costume they want to use for that stage.

In addition, in the playlist below you’ll find four clips that highlight different aspects of the game. The first is the opening cinematic, which sets up the game’s backstory. As mentioned, Princess Styla of the fashion-conscious kingdom of Hytopia has been cursed by a witch from Drabland, and the king calls on three brave heroes to save her.

The next clip shows the process for crafting new costumes with materials players collect. By visiting Madame Couture’s shop, players can acquire numerous costumes, some of which offer improved versions of previous costumes’ effects. The clip shows the descriptions for quite a few of the costumes, as well.

Next is footage of a music minigame that can be played in the game’s multiplayer lobby. By hitting a ball into the air repeatedly with their swords, players can cause music from
Link’s Awakening, Majora’s Mask, Phantom Hourglass, and Skyward Sword to play, before being rewarded with rupees based on how many times the ball was hit before touching the ground.

Finally, there is footage of a boss fight with some story content, so proceed with caution if you’re concerned about spoiling the ridiculous plot of this game. The heroes confront a villain known as “The Lady,” who derides their poor fashion sense and sends glamorized versions of past bosses from the series, including Margomill, Moldorm, and Arrghus, to attack.

You can find all of those clips in the playlist below, or check out
NintenDaan’s channel for more footage from the game.

Are you looking forward to
Tri Force Heroes? Let us know in the comments below.

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