Fernando Velez of VD-dev recently sat down with Nintendo Everything to discuss the studio’s upcoming 3DS eShop project IronFall Invasion. The upcoming game was recently featured in the January 14 Nintendo Direct, and according to Velez it was Nintendo who reached out to the developer to include it in the presentation.

Regarding the game’s campaign, Velez says players can expect 11 levels, including some pretty long ones, and various mini-games. The story will involve traveling around the world to fend off ten types of enemies from the Earth-invading Dyxides army. The main character, Jim, also has a female companion named Samantha who will be playable in certain levels. You will be limited to a single gun and a low ammo supply in Samantha’s levels, forcing you to use different tactics in combat.

IronFall Invasion‘s multiplayer component will support six players online or locally. Velez adds that limiting the number of players allows the game to run smoothly at 60 frames per second, and also lets the game’s creators design what he describes as “more focused arenas, in the style of Quake or GoldenEye.” Various modes of play will be available, including free-for-all and team battles. Velez says more details on the game’s multiplayer, as well as its StreetPass features, will be unveiled soon.

Questioned about the possibility of a Wii U release, Velez stated that VD-dev focuses on handheld development, having created games for Nintendo’s portable consoles for 20 years now. However, he did have a lot to mention regarding the game’s New Nintendo 3DS version:

“When the game runs on New Nintendo 3DS, it has special settings in order to take advantage of the new C Stick and the new shoulder buttons. For example, when you play on an older 3DS model with the Circle Pad Pro, shooting will be assigned to the ZR button. But on the New 3DS, shooting will be automatically assigned to R as the button is more comfortable to use on this model. Also, loading on New 3DS will be faster thanks to the hardware.”
— Fernando Velez

IronFall Invasion releases this month exclusively on Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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