The Pokémon Company announced over the summer that the Pokémon Global Link will withdraw its support for Generation VI games at the end of October. With the upcoming launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon, preparations are being made to host a variety of online features for the new games on top of the expected online trading and battling against trainers across the globe.

The official website saw a sizeable update after the newest trailer, and with it comes a hoard of new information regarding Global Link support for Sun and Moon.

After closing down for sixth generation games, the reopening of the Pokémon Global Link will coincide with the release of the new games on November 18th. Rating Battles make an expected return with Single, Double, and Special battle rules. Those who wish to partake in the opening season should know that it will be a Single Battle format with Pokémon caught within Sun and Moon (that rule being in effect until the January Bank update), barring mascot legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala, the Magearna obtainable via QR scanner, and the special demo-exclusive Ash-Greninja, among others. New rules will also be in effect for Championship Battles, which “will allow Trainers to play year-round using the official rules set for the Pokémon World Championships” right from the beginning: Double Battle format with Alola Region Pokémon barring the aforementioned, and no Mega Stones.

The new Pokémon Global Link also brings some brand new features, including two new Rating Battle modes known as “Your Time” and “QR Rental Teams.” The “Your Time” ruleset grants players a maximum of 60 seconds to select a move or Pokémon in battle, with both Trainers starting with 10 minutes of “Your Time”—should a player expend their time before the end of the match, they lose. As for “QR Rental Teams,” players can share their own Battle Teams online via QR codes and allow other Trainers to “rent” those teams as their own for certain Rating Battles and Link Battles.

With the arrival of the Festival Plaza comes Global Missions, which rewards players for achieving certain missions in the games. The first global mission will be “Catch a lot of Pokémon” and is expected to go live later in November. That said, you will need to have registered your copies of Sun and Moon in order to participate.

Finally, players will also be happy to know that they can now host Friendly Competitions with their own regulations on the new Pokémon Global Link. With Internet competitions, players will be matched with other participants to compete for the better rating and can either be open to Trainers around the world or closed to a select few. In Live competitions, players can compete with others in the same place, with the rules distributed via QR code.

Sounds like there will be plenty to keep Pokémon Sun and Moon players busy once they launch next month! What do you think of the new Pokémon Global Link? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: The Pokémon Company

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