Creative Assembly went to Gamescom to showcase the 2016 title Total
War: Warhammer
. Since this is a crossover with Games Workshop’s popular
tabletop game with its own rules and lore, the next big
Total War title
is going through a lot of changes from what Total War players are
familiar with. We got a chance to sit down with Creative Assembly’s
communications manager to talk about the game and we got a run-down of
exactly how characters are going to work in the game.

There are three types of characters in Total War: Warhammer:

  • Heroes:
    these characters are similar to agents in previous games. They are able
    to sabotage and assassinate but can also partake in battle as their own
  • Lords: the generals of your armies.
    Lords are recruited in much the same way generals have previously been recruited. A call
    is made, and you select your Lord and build an army around that him or her.
  • Legendary Lords:
    named characters from the Warhammer universe such as Karl Franz or
    Grimgor Ironhide. These characters are everything that Lords are except
    they cannot die. If they fall in battle they’ll retreat back home to
    heal and return some time later, similar to Napoleon in
    Total War:

All characters have skill trees that are much
deeper than previously seen in
Total War. Wizards unlock new spells from
their lores, warriors unlock new combat abilities, and generals unlock
monstrous mounts to ride into battle. A character in
Total War: Warhammer can not die of old age so you can build quite powerful characters over
time as long as you keep them alive. It’s this dynamic of wanting to
use powerful characters in battle versus your will to preserve them that
makes them a fun part of the game. And of course, the more powerful
your characters are, the more your opponents gain by killing them.

Find out more about Total War: Warhammer in our full interview, which will be released later this week.

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