Fans of the No More Heroes franchise have been waiting a long time for the next chapter, and today it’s finally here. While it isn’t quite the No More Heroes 3 people were hoping for, Travis Strikes Again is an action-packed hack and slash adventure, and it could eventually pave the way for a true sequel. But how does it hold up as a standalone product?

The reviews are starting to pour in, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Currently, it’s sitting at an average score of 70/100 on Metacritic. That’s based on 28 positive reviews, 26 mixed reviews, and 3 negative reviews. Some reviewers found its combat simple but fun, while others complain it’s repetitive and the novelty wears off fast. Similarly, some praised the writing as funny and enjoyed its references to pop culture, while others say the humor falls flat.

If you’re not quite sure whether or not this one is for you, you can check out the launch trailer above and a wide variety of positive and negative reviews below.

Gaming Trend — 9/10
EGM — 8.5/10
Game Informer – 8.25/10
Nintendo World Report – 8/10
Nintendo Life — 8/10
Hardcore Gamer — 8/10
Twinfinte — 8/10
TheSixthAxis — 8/10
Nintendo Enthusiast — 7.5/10
Destructoid – 7/10
Gamereactor – 7/10
Nintendo Insider — 7/10
Escapist — 7/10
USgamer – 3.5/5
IGN – 6/10
GameSpot – 6/ 0
Easy Allies – 5.5/10
God is a Geek — 5/10
Metro Game Central — 4/10
Eurogamer – “Avoid”
Kotaku – N/A
GameXplain – “Liked”

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